Craniosacral Therapy

for Horses


To understand horses, you need to know yourself.

Equine CST

80% of equine musculoskeletal restrictions and immobility may be influenced by the autonomic nervous system. This is because any compression on the head or along the spine will affect the entire body of the horse. Relieving compressions restores the autonomic nervous system, which helps the vertebra free up all by themselves.


Injury can be caused from a single event, such as pulling back while tied, or some other head trauma like a horse hitting their head in the trailer, or getting kicked. Damage may also occur through repetitive stress from tight nose bands, wearing head gear, rein use and dental procedures.


In all cases, injured tissues undergo physical and chemical changes that can cause inflammation, pain, and diminished nerve function.


Sometimes these injuries go unnoticed because there was no broken skin and no outward signs of trauma, however Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists are trained to identify and open up the areas where the compressions disrupt neurological communications, thereby supporting the overall health of the horse.

In a session, Nicci takes a full case history and talks to clients to identify potential tissue injury. The hands-on session normally lasts for 20-30 minutes, working at the head, TMJ, and poll area, along the spine, down the legs and at the croup.


Below are a few other common conditions that Craniosacral therapy is found to help:

~ TMJ Dysfunction

~ Head and Ear Shyness

~ Sore Hocks

~ Stifle Weakness

~ Cribbing and Headshaking

~ Poll Restrictions and Pain

~ Posture Imbalance

~ Restricted Pelvis Movement

~ Back and Neck Pain

~ Decreased Athletic Performance

~ Abnormal Hoof Growth

~ Shying and Spooking

~ Difficulty Catching

~ Crookedness

~ Dull Expression and Lethargy

~ Gait Asymmetries

~ Post surgery, injuries and accidents



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