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You know your chronological age but what's your biological age?

Learning the fundamental practices of longevity to live long, live well and thrive.
2-4th June 2023

Take a deep breath and think for a minute about the future you... 


Probably not! Living beyond our 80's is probably not appealing with frailty, disability, dependency, pain and disease being the norm.


BUT IS THIS INEVITABLE? Is it possible to live into our 90's, 100's and beyond, disease free, active and mentally sharp? The latest research from longevity scientists says YES!

If you're someone who's suffered with symptoms over the last few years, been diagnosed with a chronic condition, or you're simply questioning your future health having watched loved ones become unwell... THIS RETREAT IS FOR YOU!

Key elements to this online weekend retreat. You will:

1) Learn the key fundamental practices to reduce your biological age by 3 years in 8 weeks (age of your tissues and organs)

2) Put into practice the first three over the weekend

3) Learn the latest science in longevity and key research from the world's Blue Zones

4) Learn the functional medical approach to how we create health & optimse body function 

5) Learn how to reverse dysfunction

6) Learn the what, why and how of eliminating exposure to toxicity

7) Learn about the latest functional medical tests to actually measure your biological age

8) Be part of a community of like-minded people who care about their wellbeing and that of those around them.


Your future's bright... 

This retreat promises to inform you, to educate you and to inspire you about your health and your future. 

It will make you think. It will help you make better choices, and it will allow you to be part of the medical revolution that is changing our view of health and longevity. 

There are 20 places on this retreat.

And there are two options:

Option 1: Join the three day retreat

Option 2: Join the three day retreat and get your biological age tested beforehand so you know your score  

Joining this retreat will give you a priority place to join Nicci Parry in her 8 week 'Youthful You' programme starting in September 2023 (more to follow shortly). 

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