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The deepest listening is presence, is consciousness itself. It is space, an open heart, compassion and a deep receiving of someone.” - THOMAS HÜBL


The collective suffering of the generations before us is contained within our tissues. This influences the way we are in the world - the way we feel, behave and our health. As we unlock the past, we have the opportunity to understand the roots and origins of intergenerational trauma. The subtle and refined approach of ancestral craniosacral therapy allows you to acknowledge and integrate the epigenetic patterning from your lineage. 


Epigenetics - 'epi' meaning above, is the influence of inhereted patterns on our genes and changes how they express. Changes in gene expression alters the functionality of the body and can lead to acute and chronic illness.


For example, research shows that 30% of children born in Iraq have similar PTSD symptoms to their parents/ grandparents; countless offspring of Holocaust survivors suffer with diabetes, PTSD, anxiety and depression. 


Many of us have family members who lived through a war, experienced rations, alcoholism, violence, poverty and emotional trauma. This epigenetic patterning can show up in us as an acute condition for example sciatica, back pain or susceptibility to infections; or as a chronic condition for example diabetes, IBS or migraine. 

Each condition or set of symptoms gives us the opportunity to reveal any associated intergenerational trauma - as we gently uncover, acknowledge and heal the intergenerational trauma, we change who we are in the world and how the world is reflected back to us.


An ancestral craniosacral therapy session allows you to integrate an element of ancestral patterning that may be associated with a physical or emotional symptom. 

Similar to a craniosacral therapy session, this work is very gentle and nourishing as Nicci supports you through presence and guided meditation to acknowledge and integrate trauma from the past. 

Prior to the session, you will be sent a simple questionnaire to complete about your ancestry. Some people do not know much about their ancestry, particularly if adopted, but this does not affect the quality or value of the session.


The ancestral craniosacral sessions take place in person or online. 

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays: West Hoathly, West Sussex

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