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Committed to supporting women through every step of their menopausal journey

An integrated approach to balancing your hormones & leading the life you deserve.

Hormone imbalances are the root cause of so many symptoms and conditions women suffer with during peri- and menopausal years. As hormone levels drop we can experience sleep disturbances, loss of libido, aching joints, hot flushes, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, dry skin, vaginal atrophy, frequent urination, brain fog and many more.

Having supported herself and many women to navigate menopausal health issues, Nicci Parry has become an expert in the field using the funcational medicine approach with evidence-based complementary medicine. She utilises laboartory tests often including hormone, gut or DNA tests to understand the underlying causes of your symptoms, from which she develops your unique protocol of diet, intermittent fasting, supplements, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle changes specifically designed for you.


The menopause is not just a phase, but a pivotal moment for women to reclaim our health and vitality. Nicci Parry understands that menopause is a time for reflection, a chance to take stock of one's wellbeing, and an opportunity to step into the future with renewed strength and clarity. Through her tailored programmes and compassionate support, she aims to empower women to navigate this transformative journey with grace and resilience, emerging as their most vibrant and authentic selves. Join our monthly menopause expert meetings where Nicci invites healthcare experts to provide the lastest research and advice on how to transition through the menopausal journey with ease.

Menopause Services


Functional Medicine

The first consultation provides a thorough investigation of your medical history, the symptoms you experience, any triggers, family history and current therapies, HRT, bioidenticals and/or supplement use. An indvidiualised protocol will be developed with diet, lifestyle and holistic treatments. 


Lab Tests

The DUTCH test is a comprehensive hormone test providing valuable information about hormone imbalances and how they are contributing to your menopausal symptoms. Your functional medicine protocol will be adjusted based upon these results.


Menopause Talks

Join me for the monthly Wisdom of the Maga events where we delve deep into the world of menopause. With insightful talks from experts and wisdom keepers in the field, you'll gain a wealth of knowledge to navigate this important time of transition in your life with grace and vitality.


I did a DUTCH test off my own back months ago and tried to follow the lab's advice, but honestly didn't have a clue what to do. 

Nicci came highly recommended and she carefully guided me through the results and developed a protocol for me. I now know why I had achy joints, brain fog and fatigue and thank goodness within one month I'm feeling so much beter!

I was being woken up with hot flushes, I was having them on the tube, in meetings (which was really embarrassing), out with friends... all the time. 

Nicci showed me that through the DUTCH test that my oestrogen wasn't being broken down properly. 

They've gone now. Thank you!

Sex had become so painful, and my libido was non-existent. I thought that was it!

With Nicci's help and the DUTCH test results, I was able to follow a protocol that reignited by sex life, got rid of my achy joints and and cleared up my brain fog. Thank goodness!  

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays: West Hoathly, West Sussex

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