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Getting to the bottom of why you get migraines is half the battle, the other half is ultimately knowing you're not alone

Migraines may not be predictable, but your care should be. Led by migraine specialist Nicci Parry, the holistic indvidualised protocol developed for you allows you to understand and address the underlying causes of your condition and decrease their severity and frequency.

The protocol works alongside the advice provided by your doctor, starting with a functional medicine consultation which evaluates your medical history, what triggered your migraines to start, what might be perpetuating their continuating and what are their underlying root causes. A successful migraine management protocol has to be a multidisciplinary approach, not just medication. Nicci will work together with you to develop a holistic protocol that is both manageable and effective. 



The first step is to have a free 15 minute consultation with Nicci to describe your symptoms and discuss medications & natural therapies you've tried to date. 

She will assess how she can help you.



The first consultation provides a thorough investigation of your migraine history, the type of migraines you experience, their triggers, root causes, any co-morbidities plus your current migraine severity and frequency.  



Based on your symptoms, Nicci may  recommended to do one or more medical test to ascertain the root cause of your migraines.



Craniosacral therapy alleviates the tension in your head by releasing anatomical dysfunction. Most migraine clients come for a minimum of 3 sessions.  



Further to your lab results we will book a follow up Functional Medicine consultation to reassess our approach and refine your protocol.


Research shows that the causes of migraines and are both multi-factorial and specific to each patient. Causes include head trauma, hormone imbalance, leaky gut, microbiome dysfunction, dehydration, metal toxicity, mineral depletion, mitochondrial dysfunction, food intolerances, mast cell activation syndrome, genetics, cardiovascular issues, biochemical imbalances and the list goes on. Therefore, a successful migraine programme must be multifaceted addressing not just the symptoms of migraines, but their root causes and include lifestyle changes to prevent their onset.


A 2022 study reported that migraine prevalence is almost 3.5 times higher in patients with one or more gastrointestinal condition.  Research also shows the severity and frequency of migraines increase as oestrogen and progesterone levels change. So you see it's so important to find the root cause to get the results you deserve. 



I had been suffering from relentless migraines for almost 12 years and after my first craniosacral therapy session I felt a huge sense of relief. Nicci is extremely sensitive and caring and makes you feel safe and held. I would recommend to anyone needing emotional and physical support.


I saw Nicci to address my migraines. I had 5 craniosacral therapy sessions and my attacks became less frequent and far less severe very quickly. She also supported me with a functional medicine protocol to address long-term gut issues. Thank you Nicci I'm so grateful for your support.


Even when I wake up with pressure in my head, which I often do, I practice the gentle yoga and breathing techniques Nicci taught me and it eases through the day. I’ve had some really good days, even after a few  craniosacral therapy sessions and changing my diet.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays: West Hoathly, West Sussex

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