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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) follows the principles of cranial osteopathy. It is a subtle and refined approach, working with the anatomy and physiology to alleviate trauma and dysfunction, thereby supporting the body's inherent ordering principle to heal.  

CST turns healthcare on it's head as it focuses on the wellbeing within the body, by tuning into the body's life force, thereby relieving blockages caused by past injuries, illnesses, and even unresolved trauma. The body may have learned to compensate for these events and the client may be unaware that there is anything wrong, but the effects may still be present and relevant to current symptoms.


CST is suitable for everyone during all stages of life including during pregnancy, new-born babies, children, adults, and the elderly. It is a deeply relaxing and nourishing therapy helping you restore your inner calm. 

For those interested in data, (including me!), there is data on the efficacy of CST in supporting: 


Nicci has successfully been treating

  • Pregnant women with morning sickness, musculoskeletal pain, emotional fatigue and to prepare for birth.

  • Babies to alleviate birth trauma, to improve sleeping, feeding and their emotional wellbeing.

  • Children to relieve anxiety at school, for growing pains, bed-wetting and to support their immune systems.

  • Adults to alleviate stress, migraines, musculoskeletal pain, digestive disorders, post-surgery, for tinnitus, insomnia, menopausal symptoms and bereavement, to name a few.


Many clients come for a regular 'tune-up' to support the body to fully relax. 


Your craniosacral therapy sessions will be confidential and carefully tailored to your exact needs. In the first session, Nicci will review your current symptoms and take a medical history from which a personalised treatment plan will be developed. 

During a session, clients either sit or lie down fully clothed. CST is a very light touch starting at the feet and then working along the length of the spine, including the limbs, trunk and head. CST for new-born babies and mums involves mum and baby lying together on the table and being treated together.


You may feel heat, tingling and pulsating sensations as well as a deep sense of relaxation. During and after a session you may feel calm and energised, with increased clarity of mind and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Major shifts can happen in just one session. However, typically clients are advised to attend 3 to 5 sessions for sustained change to occur. 

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays: West Hoathly, West Sussex

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