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Yoga Session



Yoga, meditation & breathwork

Offering 1:1 tailored therapeutic yoga sessions, group sessions and retreats

The therapeutic power of yoga to build strength and flexibility in the mind and body has long been researched and published in the scientific literature. The postures or asanas of yoga support us physically, while the breathing and meditation practices enable the practitioner to overcome mental and emotional stress. Through these practices we begin to see the habits of mind clearly and thereby cultivate a more positive and nurturing quality of life.  

The TRUST Method offers individualised yoga, breathwork and meditation protocols that have been proven to advance the health of clients presenting with specific conditions. As a team we pride ourselves in keeping up with the most recent advances in therapeutic mindfulness and yoga practices.

The TRUST Method's private 1:1 therapeutic RESOURCE protocols are individually designed to empower clients to self-regulate their nervous system and improve their strength and range of movement. 


Each year the TRUST Method collaborates with retreat leaders and other practitioners to offer interesting workshops and retreats. During 2023 the TRUST Method is collaborating to run tennis yoga retreats with and Please go to the contact us page for more details.