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Gut Microbiome Test

The TRUST Method for Gut Health

Good gut health is central to our physical and mental wellbeing. The
TRUST Method provides solutions and relief for IBS, constipation, Crohn's, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory bowel conditions.


TRUST Method Initial Gut Consultation

Your TRUST Method practitioner will discuss your symptoms and recommend which test is right for you.


Many specimen collections can be completed from the privacy of your home.

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

1. Test Result Analysis

Based on your lab results, The TRUST Method team will develop an individualised plan which will include some or all of the following natural healthcare approaches...


2. Resource

Clinical data demonstrates the advantages of meditation, breathing techniques and simple yoga to improve gut issues. Clients are taught specific technqiues to RESOURCE the body, balance the nervous system and minimise flare-ups. 


3. Understand - Ancestral Patterning

Ancestral healing sessions allow you to understand the genetic patterning passed down through your lineage which may be impacting your gut health. The sessions are conducted with sincerity, integrity and care to support you heal trauma from the past. 

Healthy Woman

4. Sustain - Nutritional Therapy

An individualised nutritional programme will be developed to restore your gut lining, remineralise your body and eliminate food intolerances. This will include a specific easy-to-follow diet and the highest quality nutrient supplements. 


5. Touch - Craniosacral Therapy

Research demonstrates that craniosacral therapy  balances the nervous system which relaxes the smooth muscle of the gut, thereby improving gut conditions and overall wellbeing. 

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I had been suffering with debilitating IBS for years. The TRUST Method designed an nutrition programme, with meditation and craniosacral therapy & I haven't had a flare-up for months


I'd been living with Crohn's disease for a few years until I stepped into the TRUST Method which gave me a step-by-step pathway to manage my Crohn's.


I've been living with ulcerative colitis for many years and knew my symptoms were exacerbated by some foods and stress. Through theTRUST Method, I now know my food triggers, I've learnt to meditate and craniosacral therapy resets my nervous system.

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