Meet Nicci Parry

nicci parry
Natural Health & Craniosacral Therapy Specialist


Nicci is a qualified biodynamic craniosacral therapist (CST) and nutritional therapist with a background spanning 25 years in medical science following an MSc in Toxicology. She brings extensive experience working in allopathic medicine and incorporating CST, nutritional therapy and naturopathic techniques to support wellbeing and alleviate symptoms.


Nicci has worked in nutritional science and therapy since 2008 and implements a scientific-based approach to compliment recommendations from your doctor. She worked in Canada with the pioneering orthomolecular Drs, Professor Harold Foster and Dr Abram Hoffer researching into the effects of nutritional therapy on schizophrenia, HIV/AIDs, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis. She has worked across many therapeutic areas from oncology to respiratory medicine, infective diseases to autonomic conditions, sports nutrition to gut health and long-term conditions incuding diabetes, migraine and chronic fatigue. She utilises laboratory testing to measure any metal toxicity, mineral deficiences, food intolerances and hormone levels to ensure your nutritional programme is targeted, specific and results-driven.

She specialises in women's health, working with women prior to conception, through pregnancy, postpartum and with babies. She has had a lot of success with couples who have previously been finding it difficult to conceive, with a specific programme of detoxification, alongside nutritional therapy, craniosacral therapy, and yoga. 

She has focussed her post-graduate craniosacral qualifications on pre- and perinatal psychology, caring for pregnant women, alleviating birth trauma and supporting children through development. 

Her first degree was in Zoology and she qualified as a safari guide in Zambia in 2002, then went on to train guides and worked in elephant conservation in Sri Lanka in 2005. She's always had a love for animals, which she carries through with her work as an equine craniosacral therapist. She is currently writing the feline and canine craniosacral therapy course, to allow registered craniosacral therapists to be insured to work with dogs and cats. 

Nicci has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching classes, 1:1s and workshops since 2010 in the UK and Canada. She holds her 300 hour, 500 hour and postgraduate yoga qualifications. She teaches integral yoga which weaves pranayama (breathing), voice-work, asana (postures), meditations, and philosophy into each session to affect positive change in students. 

Nicci is a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association.