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The TRUST Method for Migraine

“The TRUST Method is the only treatment that has worked for my migraines. Nicci really got to the root cause of the problem and now I have the tools to finally live pain free. Thank you"!

Supporting you to understand and alleviate your migraines naturally.

Have chronic headaches or frequent migraine attacks been hindering your life and leaving you overwhelmed? If you’re ready to take control of your condition, the TRUST Method for Migraine is for you.

The TRUST Method is a 4-month complementary health programme, with a systematic step-by-step approach, supporting you to understand your body's biochemistry and epigenetic patterning, as well as discovering which foods are migraine triggers. The TRUST Method practitioners develop an individualised protocol based on laboratory test results which will put you in the driver’s seat and giving you control over your health once again. 

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Your Journey is Unique

It starts with truly understanding your body and why you get migraines

Our five-step-process offers a comprehensive knowledge base designed with a patient-first approach. We focus on supporting each client and addressing the underlying causes of their migraines. Every client is different, and no two TRUST Method Migraine Protocols are the same.

From understanding your migraines to ultimately knowing you are not alone, the TRUST Method delivers extensive insight into your migraines and a clear step-by-step approach to address them.


TRUST Method Initial Migraine Consultation

Nicci will discuss your symptoms and recommend which lab tests are right for you to ascertain the underlying biochemical cause and factors exacerbating your migraines.


Tests will be sent to you for you to take samples in the privacy of your own home and send to the lab. 


1. Test Result Analysis

Nicci will develop an individualised plan based upon your lab results which will include some or all of the following natural healthcare approaches...


2. Resource - Meditation & Yoga

Clinical data demonstrates the advantages of meditation, breathing techniques and simple yoga to improve migraines. Clients are taught specific technqiues to RESOURCE the body, balance the nervous system and minimise migraine frequency and severity. 


3. Understand: Ancestral Patterns 

Clients complete a short questionnaire to understand epigenetic patterns passed down through their lineage contributing to migraines. The ancestral craniosacral therapy session is 75 minutes. The session combines craniosacral therapy and family constellations to integrate past trauma.

Healthy Woman

5. Sustain: Nutritional Therapy

An individualised nutritional programme will be developed to hydrate your system, remineralise your body and eliminate food triggers. This will include a specific easy-to-follow diet and the highest quality nutrient supplements. 


5. Touch - Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapists are trained to feel into trauma in the tissues of the body - in migraine clients we work with the dura membrane and cranial bones as well as balancing the nervous system. Clients report craniosacral therapy to be deeply relaxing and reduce their migraine frequency and severity.