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Why Natural Healthcare?

Remineralisation & Digestion

About 90% of my clients are deficient in 1-5 minerals. Sadly, we are not getting the minerals we need in our diets for every enzyme and hormone pathway in the body. When this happens, we begin to see symptoms that can eventually lead to disease. The digestion and absorption of minerals is also vitally important and can be compromised when we are stressed and if we eat acidic foods. I work with my clients to optimise the digestion & absorption of minerals & vitamins in the foods they eat.

Stress & Fatigue

We live in a fast-paced world which at times can be very stressful on our bodies. When pushed too hard, our nervous system goes into 'fight or flight' mode and we find it difficult to relax, yet at the same time, we're exhausted. I show my clients' techniques to protect their systems from becoming over-stressed alongside specific dietary recommendations and breathing techniques. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is so deeply relaxing and rebalances the nervous system bringing the body back into homeostasis. 


Many of my clients present with heavy metal toxicity which we find out from sending a hair sample for lab analysis. Metal toxicity can cause many symptoms from headaches to mood swings, to depression and hormonal disruptions. I work with my clients to safely rid the body of metal toxicity and remove toxicity from their home environment. 

Women's Health

I work with women from pre-conception, supporting their bodies to be as healthy as possible prior to conceiving. This is also very helpful if you're finding it difficult to conceive. We continue working together during pregnancy to connect with your baby and support his/her development ready for birth. Post-birth, I work with you to alleviate any trauma from your birthing story, expedite your healing and optimise your bonding with your baby.

Later in life we work together during the peri and menopausal stages supporting the system with nutrients, a therapeutic diet and CST. 

Your Baby's Health

CST is wonderful for all babies, whether following an easy birth or traumatic birth, relieving tension to restore optimal health and also preventing symptoms which may have arisen later in life. CST can help with feeding, digestive problems, excessive crying & musculoskeletal support. I also work nutritionally with babies during weaning.  

Your Horse's Health

Horses respond very well to CST and I often find other horses in the yard lining up for a session! I work with musculoskeletal issues, injuries and behavioural problems by relieving compression from the head and along the spine to support normal functioning of the nervous system, hence the horses' overall health.


Meet Nicci Parry

Natural Health Specialist

Nicci is a trained biodynamic craniosacral therapist (CST) and nutritional therapist with a background spanning 25 years in medical science. She brings extensive experience working within gold standard medicine and incorporating CST, nutritional therapy and naturopathic techniques to support wellbeing and alleviate symptoms. She loves what she does which shines through her work, providing clients with exceptional care and support.


Nicci has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching classes, 1:1s and workshops since 2010 in the UK and Canada. She teaches integral yoga which weaves in pranayama (breathing), voicework, asana (postures), meditations, and philosophy into each session. 

Nicci is a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association, the Craniosacral Therapy Association and the Complementary & Natural Health Council. 

She specialises in women's health, working with women prior to conception, through pregnancy, postpartum and with babies. She has had a lot of success with couples who have previously been finding it difficult to conceive, with a specific programme of detoxification, alongside nutritional therapy, craniosacral therapy, and yoga. 

Her first degree was in Zoology and she qualified as a safari guide in Zambia in 2002, then trained guides and worked in elephant conservation in Sri Lanka in 2005. She's always had a love for animals, which she carries through with her work as an equine craniosacral therapist.


I have had 6 wonderful CST sessions with Nicci. I am a busy working single mum and don't take much time for myself anymore. Nicci's sessions have been fundamental in slowing me down and bringing me back 'into' my body again. She is naturally gifted and works with ease and care and a real wanting to support your body to heal.

- Nicola Cashin

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