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Magic of the Maga: Expert Menopause Series of Talks

Summary of Laura Swann’s Talk: Tuesday 21 st May 2024

Laura’s talk landed at the beginning of Gemini Season. This astrological season

connects us to the archetypal energy of the Muse – inviting us to dance in the heart-

based wisdom available to us as nature comes into her full blossoming phase.

She discussed the ‘Wheel of Woman’ offering us corresponding seasonal and

elemental maps of nature from which we can navigate and find support. Laura

oriented us around the wheel explaining how the different phases of womanhood are

reflected in the seasons, the elements and the cycles ever present in our lives.

This talk landed just as the Sagittarius full moon was coming to its apex - the ‘Full

Flower’ Moon. Laura discussed our ability to connect to plants holistically for ‘whole

plant healing’. She explained how her work with native herbal healing utilised this

approach and facilitated a powerful alchemical dance between the plants and our

bodies. Plants support us in a spectrum of healing - physically, emotionally,

spiritually, energetically and ancestrally.

We were guided to tune into our own hearts and wombs to connect to the gifts that

this time of year has to offer us. Sufi mysticism speaks of the ‘full flowering of the

human’ which feels so apt for connecting to the spirit of the Muse.

Laura would like to offer all the women who attended this talk the opportunity to do a

1:1 holistic plant healing session with her at the reduced rate of £40. If you are

interested, please use this link to book -

She is also offering wonderful events in her

herb garden on Wednesdays where you can go and hear more of her wisdom and

truly connect with the plants holistically:

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