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"Nicci's understanding of medical science paired with holistic wellbeing has been life changing to my health." 

Nicci Parry's TRUST Method is a totally revolutionary approach to wellbeing.

Your Health Journey is Unique

Nicci Parry's TRUST Method is a comprehensive holistic approach designed to understand your biochemistry, your epigenetic profile and improve your wellbeing naturally.

We focus on treating the person – not the disease. Our unique 360 system acknowledges each client as an individual, delivering science-backed insight into your symptoms and a bespoke step-by-step protocol for a healthier you.

Whether you're requiring a clincal test to understand the root cause of your condition, or wishing to shed light on your epigenetic  patterning, needing a rehabilitating yoga sequence for a musculoskeletal issue or requiring craniosacral therapy to rebalance your nervous system, The TRUST Method empowers clients to take control of their own health. 


Scientific lab tests to ascertain the underlying causes of your symptoms. 


  Yoga, meditation and breathwork practices to manage your symptoms.


Understand and heal your inherited health issues and trauma.


Personalised therapeutic nutrition plan.


Craniosacral Therapy to heal, rebalance & rest.

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The TRUST Method

The TRUST Method was developed by Nicci Parry, who started her career as a medical scientist testing the efficacy and safety of medicines before continuing a career in the marketing of medicines and natural health products over 25 years.


Having trained in nutritional therapy, yoga and craniosacral therapy, she developed the TRUST Method in 2021 as a way to support her clients holistically, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic healthcare.

The TRUST Method understands the interplay between conventional and holistic healthcare and how clients' wellbeing can be boosted with natural approaches to improve both symptoms and quality of life.

The TRUST Method is committed to the care and long-term health of clients. Nicci has experience across many therapeutic areas and specialises in migraine, reproductive health and gut health. Book a free 15-minute call to learn about our full range of services.


Nicci treated most of my family! I saw Nicci for some ongoing issues - neck pain that I hadn’t managed to budge for 6 months, foot pain and headaches. I got instant relief from the foot pain and headaches, it was incredible! I received a few more treatments for my neck pain which now has so much more movement and no pain. I had never had CST so didn’t know what to expect. I found it to be deeply healing both for my body and mind. I can not recommend Nicci highly enough, I felt instantly at ease and relaxed and felt that Nicci was totally in tune with my body.

Claire Field

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