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The TRUST Method to understand and relieve Migraine


The TRUST Method is a tried and tested approach to understanding and relieve migraines.


Supporting you to understand and alleviate your migraines naturally.

Have chronic headaches or frequent migraine attacks been hindering your life and leaving you overwhelmed? If you’re ready to take control of your condition, the TRUST Method for Migraine is for you.

The TRUST Method is a 4-month complementary health programme, with a systematic step-by-step approach, supporting you to understand your body's biochemistry and epigenetic patterning, as well as discovering which foods are migraine triggers. The TRUST Method practitioners develop an individualised protocol based on laboratory test results which will put you in the driver’s seat and giving you control over your health once again. 

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Your Journey is Unique

It starts with truly understanding your body and why you get migraines

Our five-step-process offers a comprehensive knowledge base designed with a patient-first approach. We focus on treating the person – not the disease. Every client is different, and no two TRUST Method Migraine Protocols are the same.

From understanding your condition to ultimately knowing you are not alone, the MIND METHOD delivers extensive insight into your chronic headache or migraine and how to strive for a healthier you.

1. Misalighnment

Craniosacral Therapy to establish & heal any misalignment of the cranial bones, fascia and dura membranes & to rebalance your nervous system to a deeply rested state.

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Scientific laboratory tests to ascertain the underlying causes of your symptoms. Tests will establish mineral levels, metal toxicity, food intolerances and health of gut microbiome.

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Access to online nurture programme including easy yoga, meditation and breathwork practices to prevent an attack, as you feel an attack coming on and during an attack to reduce it's severity.

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Personalised 3-month therapeutic diet plan avoiding your food triggers, including hydration techniques to stop an attack in it's tracks, and nutrient supplements to optimise your mineral levels & remove metal toxicity. 

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More and more people with chronic headaches and migraine, some of whom have suffered with attacks for over 25 years are getting execellent results with the MIND METHOD



I had been suffering from relentless headaches for almost two weeks and after my session with Nicci, I felt a huge sense of relief. Nicci is extremely sensitive and caring and makes you feel safe and held. I would recommend to anyone needing emotional and physical support.

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